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A free strategy session for purposeful businesses and personal brands to talk about the vast world of marketing — that sometimes leaves us in a headspin.

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This season of the Mindful Marketing Spiral Hour is officially over. But stay tuned! More to come soon. If you want to join the waitlist for the next free strategy session, sign up below.

You can also check out the Mindful Marketing Mastermind that starts February 25, 2022. 

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Is the Mindful Marketing Spiral Hour for me?
Well, if you are a purposeful business owner or personal brand…

Not fully enjoying certain aspects of marketing

Feeling like you’re a social media manager — all of sudden — when really you just want to work on your craft

Often feeling like you have no idea what you’re doing as far as big picture marketing

Not really seeing “results” from all your marketing efforts


“Thanks for putting this together, Brenda!! I loved everything about it! Usually, with business/marketing workshops I leave feeling overwhelmed with info and tasks and don’t really know what to do with it. But I loved your advice about doing less and being more intentional about it! I’m excited to experiment with this.”

Chelsea, Founder of The Wildflower Kitchen

““Whatever Brenda did for marketing and business retention has been so successful!”

Community Yoga Studio

“Brenda listened to my ideas and acknowledged my desires for my business. She helped me to direct these desires, and mapped out how to get there efficiently. She met my expectations in this way and exceeded them by giving me really solid, forward-moving planning!”

Delphina, Professional Dancer and Yoga Teacher

about the spiral

A spiral is a powerful example of how we tend to repeat ourselves but each time with a new path or a new rendition.

As a marketing strategist and also a purposeful business owner, that’s how I see marketing.

It’s a continuation of trying something out. Looking at the results. Then, repeating it but each time with a new perspective and finding new ways that feel most authentic to you.

For centuries the spiral has been known as a symbol for personal power — the eternal sign of the Creative, dynamic growth, and metamorphosis. And that’s why I include it as part of my logo.

Repetition and refinement keep us growing.

What are you repeating these days? What are you refining these days? What new yet old path are you on? And how can we support each other in sharing what’s working and what’s not working? 🌀


“If you are looking for an insightful, innovative and knowledgeable coach – Brenda is the person for you! She has a keen ability to understand your needs, vision and provide a solid foundation for your entrepreneurial needs. She is a thoughtful and detailed professional who brings her evident expertise to the table. Her recommendations are meaningful and insightful for my business. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking an experienced, insightful coach!”

Ananya, Healthcare Operations and Improvement Consultant

“It’s refreshing to work on creative projects with someone who has clear thought, efficient strategies and the ability to put it into action quickly! Brenda is thoughtful in her work, articulate in her writing and organized in her production. She has absolutely been a benefit in bringing our company forward in the digital age of marketing.”

Kyleen, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturist

“Brenda’s professionalism in wellness, her education background, and meditation practice truly comes through in her work

Mindfulness Startup Founder

About Brenda

I’m Brenda — Mindful Marketing Strategist + Mindful Specialist.

With a Business Management degree and Masters of Public Health from Columbia University plus countless hours studying and teaching yoga and meditation, I know how challenging it is to find the right path, let alone the right marketing strategies.

My background in tech and startups gives me the perfect combination to guide you. I created my first yoga website from scratch and it was voted as one of the Top 10 Greatest Yoga Teachers websites. I’m quick to learn and can’t wait to share it all with you.

The Mindful Marketing

Spiral Hour

The Spiral Hour is a seasonal experience! Looks like you’ve missed this window but stay tuned for the next. 

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