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Tribu Spirit has a very specific brand and audience. It was important for Shaundra to have her content feel like an extension of her while offloading a lot of the content creation process to someone that she trusts so that she can focus on other parts of growing her business. 


  • Research and understand the Amazon indigenous communities
  • Become familiar with the plant medicine hape’
  • Create consistent content
  • Get familiar with brand tone and voice 
  • Reach a new customer audience that were unfamiliar with hape’  


The Challenge

Shaundra had worked with several different marketing agencies and copywriters. Either they did really well with the graphics and not the copy or vice versa. Understanding how to execute not only from a marketing campaign perspective but also as a storyteller while paying reverence to this plant medicine was not easy.

My brand Tribu Spirit is super niche and not the easiest to grasp as we work with Indigenous Healing Plant Medicines from the Amazon. It has been a challenge to find a copywriter that really understands the brand. Until I worked with Brenda. 

Brenda really did her research and brought a lot of mindfulness to the copywriting that was very important to me. Her background of yoga and mindfulness really reflects in her writing. It’s her care and attention to details that make her unique. Unlike most copywriters just churning out the same old marketing jargon. I highly recommend working with Brenda to bring a very personalized thorough approach to your brand or project.


Founder, Tribu Spirit

The Solution

We ran three different campaigns over the course of 6 months testing out different copy styles —one that was more practical and tangible, the other more spiritual and ethereal. I partnered with Studio Darshan to execute the creatives. Each campaign culminated with a Facebook and Instagram ad with the objective to increase traffic and convert new customers.  

Campaign #BeTheMedicine

Copy Sample

Strong. Powerful. Clearing. Grounding.⁠

These are the qualities of the Arara Hape’. If you’re new to this Hape’, expect this medicine to drop into the heart center with a golden yellow frequency of light and heat, opening up the heart like the wings of the Macaw 💛⁠

This beautiful medicine is part of our ‘Traditional’ collection handmade by the Arara tribe in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil.⁠

Take your time in ceremony with this Hape’ as it brings in vision, intuition, and guidance. Seeing all facets of life from a bird’s eye view like the Arara will leave you clear and expanded. #BeTheMedicine

Campaign #SacredMedicine

Copy Sample

Akasha’🌬 the first and the most subtle of the five great elements. ⁠


Explore the essence of emptiness with Huni Kuin Vapor Hape’. Every morning experience a clean and quick clearing removing stagnant or negative energies in your energetic field. ⁠


Fill up your being with high vibrations, setting your morning ritual right every time. 🌿 🌬 🌿 This is #SacredMedicine.⁠

Campaign #AwakeningTheDivine

Copy Sample

The Tiger’s sacred medicine— power, energy, strength, and willpower in the face of adversity 🐅 It’s here to share with you how to act without analysis. How to be fully present and clear all distractions from your mind. ⁠


Feel the tiger with you today, are you walking the path of devotion, confidence, and courage?✨ #AwakeningtheDivine

Results and Metrics

  • New followers in 6 months: 600 
  • Average link clicks: 2,999
  • Average ROAS: 8.02
  • Copy style with highest performance: Spiritual, ethereal, and motivational  
  • Creative styles: Movement and dynamic  

Communicate with purpose, grow with heart.