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On-page SEO 

Optimized website layout and copy

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Maria reached out hoping to create a communication and content strategy for her healing center and shop located in Seattle, WA. She was low on time as a business owner, practitioner, and at the time had several family trips. 


  • Get more organic visitors to the website 
  • Implement a lead magnet and connect her preferred email service provider, FloDesk.  
  • Develop a short “Welcome” email series 
  • Optimize homepage layout
  • Update homepage copy   

    The Process


    I created a keyword strategy framework that would impact part of the homepage copy as well as the on-page search-engine-optimization (SEO) titles and meta descriptions. These keywords could also be helpful for Light Owl Healing in writing future content and complement the promotional activity they were doing.

    Making these edits has now positioned Light Owl Healing on the first page of search engines for their top 3 keywords. 

    SEO Homepage 

    With on-page SEO updated we expect more people to visit the website organically so the layout and call-to-actions needed a refresh. I implemented a simple Z-Shape pattern for the website. I find that this layout works well for most websites and it’s relatively easy to implement. Because the design was simple, I implemented the changes myself on the Light Owl Healing Weebly website. 

    Given that Light Owl Healing is both a shop and healing center, I made that clear by having two call-to-action buttons on their main hero slider while repeating that creatively throughout the copy and other call-to-action buttons. 

    SEO Copywriting 

    While the copy wasn’t something Light Owl Healing reached out to change, I knew that making a few changes to keywords and layout would require an enhancement to the homepage copy.

    My goal was to make it easy for people to understand what to do at Light Owl Healing. This main headline: 

    Finding ease and clarity on your self-healing journey is possible with Light Owl Healing.

    ​You are held here.


     An intimate healing space in Seattle and online.

    Offering a healing shop, group offerings, and private sessions.

    Really captures the essence and love but also strategically explains location, in-person, and online. I wanted the same story from the menu bar, to the three main offerings — healing shop, group offerings, and private sessions — to speak the same way.  

    Add-on: Email Marketing 

    Light Owl Healing was looking to switch to FloDesk; they had purchased the email marketing service provider a few months prior but couldn’t find the time to make the switch and upload their clients. 

    I wanted to make it easy for Maria to have a communication platform to capture leads, email all her clients, capture emails from shop customers and tag certain clients in case she wanted to segment her emails at some point. 

    I used Zapier to connect her shop to FloDesk and updated all her email lead captures on her website to the new FloDesk forms. 

    Lastly, I implemented a “Welcome” email series to continue the relationship with new leads.

    Light Owl Healing is a high-touch healing center and implementing short but sweet communication strategies like this add to the high-touch and loving experience.  


    Communicate with purpose, grow with heart