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branding mind map 
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Dr. Patrizia Sommerauer, ND reached out in need of website copy for her new health business, The Glow State. Patzy’s accolades ranged from her doctorate, holistic coaching, mindfulness and compassionate training, and more. It was a mix of both analytical and intuitive skills. We needed an approach that could convey her range of knowledge but not forgetting that the goal is for her audience to feel seen and supported. 


  • Convey a brand tone that is health-focused yet personable 
  • Write copy that understood and honored all her knowledge
  • Consultant on website layout after the copy was written


The Start: Branding Mind Map

This is one of my favorite ways to start many engagements but especially with copywriting. It’s a one-hour branding exercise that runs through a series of questions that don’t exactly feel like marketing questions and that’s the best part! It gets us out of our heads and into our creative minds. 

This process helps me understand the vision, the mission, the brand tone, and the client’s voice without directly asking these questions. So instead of the client focused on crafting the perfect answer to this, we take a different route. 

Here’s an example of the Branding Mind Map that we co-created during this hour for The Glow State.

My role as the listener is to start seeing themes, probe questions that can get further into the discussion and away from the analytical mind which often wants that perfect answer again.

I try my best to cultivate a flow state by using meditation, breathwork and open-ended questions.

After this my goal is to convey the underlying FEELING and VIBE. I want to capture this as best I can through words and support with any visuals and how it gets presented on the website. 

The Process

After this one-hour session, I’ll start with the homepage and ask the client to provide feedback on the homepage. I take that feedback and then start writing the other pages of copy. My approach to writing is both strategic and intuitive.

What do I mean by strategic copywriting?

In some ways, all copy should be strategic if written by a digital marketer and communication professional but I know from experience in this field, that it can often feel like anyone can write copy. And that is the beauty, in some ways, that anyone can create websites!

Strategic copywriting takes into consideration aspects like the Z-Pattern for reading web copy, research on who the audience is, business objectives, readability, and searchability — all while staying concise and sounding like a human. The last thing you want is for a website or digital copy to sound like a research paper. 

And yes, you can certainly have AI write your copy. But if you are unfamiliar with strategic copywriting, you will generate copy based on only what you know which will still be limited.

What do I mean by intuitive copywriting?

I can have the best formula for strategic copy and/or even a pretty good version written by AI but there is this final touch that comes from intuitive writing.

Yes, I have certain rituals that I take before I write on behalf of another company or person that I consider tapping into my intuition.

It’s a challenge to truly convey the details of intuitive writing. For the most part, if you’re writing your own website copy your probably using more of your intuition. Which is beautiful but then it’s often missing that strategic/business component.

I know that part of the reason many companies and individuals choose to work with me is because of my ability to straddle both of these worlds. I bring in my years of experience as a mindful educator and practitioner which I strongly believe has expanded my capacity to tap into my intuition. But I’m also able to ground that approach with business and marketing best practices.


The Glow State Sample Copy 

Your Glow State starts with Dr. Patrizia Sommerauer, ND

You’re here to reveal your true health – I’m here bring you back to your Glow State.⁠ 


When you are thinking:

I’ve lost my spark and don’t know how to get it back.

I’m living a healthy lifestyle but continue to deal with chronic health conditions.

I’m at my wits end with feeling stressed, tired, and disconnected.

And now, I am ready to reclaim my health!

CTA: Let’s Work Together

Combining holistic + doctorate 

Copy Sample

The Glow State combines a naturopathic medicinal approach to healthcare that centers its treatment strategies on healing the root cause. Together we will find the solutions that will bring you back to your Glow State — that sense of fluidity between your body, mind, and true spirit.


My extensive clinical background goes beyond my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. 


Communicate with purpose, grow with heart.