A Multi-Channel Communication Framework for Acelero Learning: Centering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Internal Communication Specialistᅠ


Communication is at the heart of who we are as human beings. It is our way of exchanging and understanding information.

— World Health Organization


Acelero, Inc.


Every child becomes a champion of their own making; where historical biases and systemic inequities no longer stand in the way of their infinite promise.

Services Provided (in progress)

Strategic Communications
Capacity-Building Tools


Acelero Learning designs and delivers inclusive, anti-bias, and rigorous approaches to eliminate the gaps between young children’s inherent potential and their achievement in school and life. With over $80 million in revenue and unparalleled child outcomes, they are both one of the largest and most innovative companies in this space.


  • Develop a Mission-Focused Communication Strategy for their Program Development Department
  • Develop and distribute an annual internal editorial calendar
  • Enhance digital communication capacity with leadership and staff

How to create an effective internal communications strategy

Internal Communication is incredibly broad, similar to what we navigate with the broad term of marketing. Interestingly, both have similar foundational strategies. Many of the same principals we use in external communications, are the exact same ones to use for internal communications.

The 4 Step Strategic Communication Approachᅠ


Please email me if you’d like to see the Messaging Framework I developed.

The 6 Keys to Strategic Communication that I use, whether it’s internal or external:

  1. Audience: Focus and understand who you’re speaking to 
  2. Set a clear goal: Tie your goal back to your business initiatives or to employee engagement 
  3. Get the tone right: Digital copy is different than writing for research or textbook. No one, not even your employees, wants to read a boring email. Write conversationally and keep copy at a readable level of 8th/9th grade. This is not the time for a reading comprehension exam.
  4. Keep it simple: Drop jargon and define acronyms, even if you’ve been using them for a while. Remember that new employees are continuously joining, and to promote inclusivity, it’s important to consistently define acronyms to foster a sense of belonging.
  5. Use the communication sandwich 
    1. Tell them what you’re going to tell them 
    2. Tell them 
    3. Tell them what you told them 
  6. Adapt to the medium and the time we’re in 
    1. Ask: Is this the right format for my message?
    2. Ask: Do I need to send this message now? Has something happened socially/globally that this message can wait?

Team Workshops


Get the entire department involved in workshopping Copyediting and provide feedback.ᅠ

Encourage active participation from the entire department in providing feedback and engaging in collaborative copyediting with workshops, breakout rooms, and live discussion.ᅠ

Channel Matrix and Cadence

Creating a well-thought-out channel matrix and nailing down a communication cadence is like having a secret recipe for awesome internal communication.

The channel matrix covers all the bases, from email and internal communication tools like Workplace, making sure everyone gets the memo through their preferred channels. When in doubt, repeat the same messages throughout the weeks. 

Meanwhile, the communication cadence is all about keeping that steady rhythm of updates flowing—just enough to keep everyone in the loop without drowning them in info.

This dynamic duo ensures everyone’s on the same page, team spirit is high, and nobody misses those important messages, making the whole communication game a breeze.

Strategies that Make Sense for Purpose-Driven Teams.