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The Now Is Golden  


Helping women put their ambition and lust for life into action.

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The Now Is Golden is virtual coaching, hypnotherapy, and community. Maggie specializes in making hypnotherapy accessible to women as a self-reclamation coach. Her female-led and intuitive approach provides a safe haven for women that may be running on the “shoulds” of life.



  • Reignite a stagnant email list 
  • Refresh inbound marketing strategy using preferred email service provider, FloDesk
  • Provide a content strategy that allows for repurposing content

The Process

Ideal Client Development

While Maggie had loosely developed her ideal client in the past, we decided that since this was a new venture together we’d get more specific as far as ideal client.

We did some market research with surveys and questionnaires to find themes, and ideal client language. I wanted to develop the emotional and soulful landscape of her ideal client. This helped inform a lot of the content strategy that followed. 

Refresh Inbound Marketing Strategy  

It was more than a year that Maggie had updated her lead magnet. Lead magnets can get stagnant and businesses need to refresh them every now and then.  Additionally,  the current strategy had no email communication or follow up to new subscribers. 

One of the themes we kept seeing during the market research and ideal client development phase was “seeking happiness” so we went with offering a new pre-recorded hypnosis with this in mind. Followed by a series of automated emails to welcome these new subscribers to her community. 

Especially in this first phase of email list building, it’s important to welcome them in using storytelling and mission-driven language to start building that relationship.

A lot of marketing is about relationship building which is why gimmicky tactics don’t work. If you met someone for the first time and they asked “Can I borrow $1,000?”, you’d probably say no. Take that same analogy for your business marketing strategies. 

In tandem we took a different inbound marketing approach to get new interested subscribers quickly. Quizzes are a great strategy for that. I connected Try Interact with FloDesk and developed the backbone of “How much do you trust yourself?” quiz. 

When more than one automation starts to get put in place, I’ll develop an Automation Guide for easy tracking and for multiple team members to use. It is a simple yet effective document that runs down things like: how people get on a list and their respective form links, and the triggers or flows of email communication.  

Reignite Stagnant Email List + Repurposing Content

Communicating to a large email list can often be intimidating and time consuming. There’s different methods to reignite an email list and the approach I took with The Now Is Golden is simply — send an email. 

While these were newsletter type emails I opted to call these “Community Inspirational Emails” because that’s really what they were. It wasn’t specifically used as a sales email but more so a strategic way to update everyone on what’s coming up with The Now Is Golden while adding value to their lives. 

In addition, there was a lot of content already developed and a repurposing strategy made sense here. Sourcing from various social media posts and content in Teachable — I developed several emails and blogs for The Now Is Golden.

Oftentimes businesses don’t realize how much of their content can get repurposed and having a clear strategy in place can help with that.



  • 159 overall new subscribers in 3 months 
  • 53 new leads from Quiz in 3 months 
  • 35 initial subscribers to hypnotherapy membership launch 
  • Average open rate 29% 
  • Average click through rate 3%

    Mindful marketing: The new way to grow your business.