Empowering Teachers of Color through an Anti-Racist Mental Health Approach

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Healing Schools Project


Healing teachers. Healing Students.

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Healing Schools Project is dedicated to ensuring that teachers of color stay in the profession and continue making a difference in their students’ lives. They do this by coaching schools, and districts on integrating an anti-racist approach to mental health and well-being to support teachers. For every child, they are leading a movement to center educators of color mental health. 


  • Led the market launch of a digital campaign focused on teacher mental health
  • Spearheaded the successful migration to WordPress, and a new web hosting platform, ensuring a seamless transition to a more modern and user-friendly digital experience.
  • Support the positioning of their current service offerings.  
  • Managed a team of freelancers and volunteers for website, social media, and SEO.
  • Execute and implement communication strategy.  

A Summer of Healing for Teachers

Launching a Campaign for Teacher Mental Health

In a perfect scenario for a nonprofit startup, we’re starting with some foundational elements like target audience development, brand identity, messaging, and/or searchability. But more often than not, non-profits that are already in execution mode but still in the startup phase need support on something more immediate like running a campaign, fulfilling their donation goals, executing on social media or sending out emails.

And so, in order to fulfill both of our needs I started with the messaging and positioning for their market launch campaign “A Summer of Healing,” a series of in-person events where teachers had the opportunity to be heard, valued, and cared for. I knew that this would support them immediately and also give me an opportunity to work backward on some of those foundational elements. 

For this campaign, it was important to have the messaging be specifically to the teachers’ needs as an educator and a space for them to reflect and process to prepare them for the school year.


Sample Copy

Tagline Campaign #1: A Summer of Healing: Reflect on the School Year in Community


  • Short Copy: Let’s acknowledge your needs as an educator and school leader to reflect and process. On July 28th, join this virtual retreat so you can heal and thrive in community.
  • Medium Copy: On July 28th at 4:00 PM ET, join Healing Schools Project and The Teacher Sanctuary for a virtual retreat. Be part of a space where you are heard, valued and cared for. Let’s acknowledge your needs as an educator to reflect and process what you need now, to prepare for what you may need later. Educators, school leaders and their supporters are all welcomed. Healed teachers heal students. Register here and invite others!

Tagline Campaign #2: A Summer of Healing: Building Moments of Rest in Newark, NJ!


  • Short Copy: In a culture of urgency, it can be hard to slow down and rest. On August 3rd, we’re changing the narrative holding space for educators, schools leaders and their supporters to recharge and rest their body, mind, and emotions.
  • Medium Copy: Newark Educators! This is a free event for you. In a culture of urgency, it can be hard to slow down and rest. Join us for music, yoga, raffles, art, and refreshments! On August 3rd at 4:30 PM EST, we’re holding space for educators, school leaders and their supporters to learn the art and skill of rest. Join us at I’m So Yoga in Newark to recharge your body, mind, and emotions. ​​ @healingschools


Results and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Number of launch events: 2 in-person, 1 virtual retreat
  • Email marketing engagement for campaign announcements
    • 4 emails leading up to events.
      • Average Open rate: 41.85%
      • Average Click Rate: 2.3%
      • Average Click-to-Open Rate: 5.5%
  • Additionally, notable organic media mentions in CBS and Chalkbeat happened after the event. While not part of the initial strategy, a great byproduct of this campaign!

Improve Teacher Retention with this Research-Based Approach

Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation


How can we make sure school leaders know about Healing Schools Project?

With summer ending and the school year fast approaching, we wanted to launch a new digital marketing campaign. At this point, I’m working backwards thinking strategically of their target audience. 

The aim was clear: to create a compelling campaign that demonstrated to decision-makers that Healing Schools Project was rooted in public health research and evaluation methods, with offerings that create a meaningful impact on a school-wide level.  

While the teachers stood as the primary beneficiary, they aren’t necessarily leads from a business perspective. The ultimate decision to incorporate this transformative work resides with school leaders and districts. We created a free resource guidebook titled “Improve Teacher Retention with this Research-Based Approach.” 

The guidebook started as an educational opportunity defining elements like “community care.” Then delving deeper, it provided user-friendly practices primed for effortless integration into routine staff meetings. More importantly, it showcased a tangible sample program of what a partnership with Healing School Projects looks like; a previous challenge to effectively communicate by the Growth and Development team.  


Results and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • # of downloads of “Improving Teacher Retention with a Research-Based Approach: 77
    • Engagement metrics for the guidebook content:
      • Automation Open Rate: 78.9% Open Rate
      • Click Rate: 59.2%
      • Click to Open Rate: 75%
  • Grew email subscriber list by 40.56% in this first month. 

Looking at these metrics as a whole, it’s evident that we’re heading in the right direction in terms of audience messaging and delivering relevant content!




Let’s make sure the experience communicates the transformation Healing School Project does.

Right before I started working with Healing Schools Project, the team was working on a new brand identity and logo with a volunteer from CatchaFire. I was really pleased to see the new color palette and logo that conveyed more of the intentional and grounding space. 

To match this new easeful brand identity, I wanted to improve the user experience and modernize the entire website.

I proposed we move to a new Content Management System (WordPress) and web host (Siteground) since the version they were working on was custom built making it challenging to update day-to-day content. Additionally, their previous host, iPage, was not able to successfully troubleshot some hosting issues.  




Results and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Successful completion of the migration project within a one month timeframe.
  • Managing and communicating with freelancer developers   
  • Reduction in website downtime and technical issues of “”Error Database Connection” 
  • Current on-page SEO score (0-100): 77
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 219
  • General Verbal Feedback from the team: Overall, they’ve mentioned that conversations around their website are positive and new prospective contracts or partnerships are finding them is through search.  


Email Marketing 

With many go-to-market strategies, the email marketing strategy takes a prime position. I was pleasantly surprised to hear they had an email list but communication was virtually non-existent. 

To resolve this issue, I implemented biweekly community-style newsletters and re-designed their newsletter template with the following sections: 

» Branded and/or Mission-Drive Message 

» Spotlight (Team or New School Partnership) 

» Articles and Resources 

Results and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Average Open Rate: 54%
  • Click-Per-Unique Open: 15%
  • Click-To-Open: 28%
  • Unsubscribe Rate: 0.23%
  • Net Subscriber Growth in 6 months: 83.5
  • Feedback and Response: Anecdotal messages received from the founder are positive responses from funders and donors. Comments such as ” Wow, you are doing a lot!”


Lessons Learned and Reflections:

You know how life can sometimes feel like a never-ending checklist? Well, here’s a thought: let’s hit the pause button and give a little nod to the small and big wins! My work with Healing Schools Project has reminded me of this, since this is part of what they facilitate for school districts. 

When organizations are in startup mode, it can often feel like they’re up against a big hill to climb. And in some ways we are. Entering and navigating the market isn’t a walk in the park; each task you tackle, every email you send, they all pile up to create something remarkable.

Speaking from experience, I’d totally take my own advice and start by building those rock-solid foundations –  understanding your audience, shaping your message, and giving your brand a unique identity. Overtime, as a marketer, I’ve learned that these building blocks not only support me and make my life easier but they’re the secret sauce that helps startups and bold entrepreneurs understand the real magic of strategic marketing and meaningful communication.

There have been moments when I might not have been the loudest advocate for this. But as I step into these leadership roles, I’m starting to see myself more like that bold strategist that the team needs – the one who’s not afraid to say, “Hey, this is the way to go!”

It’s way more impactful than just throwing content out there to stay in the spotlight.


Increase email subscriber list in 1 month by 40.56%

Consistent Content and Messaging: leading to initial phases of brand recognition

 From 5 signed contracts with schools to 20 signed contracts.

From 5 partner schools to 20 partner schools


The Healing Schools Project team is truly flourishing!

Witnessing our collective efforts contribute to this remarkable growth is incredibly rewarding. In the Fall of 2022, contracts with schools were around 3-5. Over time, the Healing Schools Project expanded, with 20 contracts signed and even securing new grant funding. This achievement is undoubtedly a result of our collective dedication, and the team’s desire to grow together. I take immense pride in contributing my skill set to this success story.