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One of the largest privately-owned acupuncture clinics, the Acupuncture & Wellness Center is located in Poulsbo, WA. Its services are popular amongst the Kitsap Community but also recognized internationally with longtime patients traveling back to visit. While they ran very successful in-person marketing events, they reached out needing a stronger online presence because they weren’t receiving any new patients online.


  • Conversion optimization to make sure that website traffic is not only attracting but also converting people to schedule an appointment  
  • Optimized blog posts
  • Email automation to prepare first time patients
  • WordPress support, make necessary changes, and tech support  


The Process

Keywords and Copy Edits

We started cleaning up their on-page search-engine-optimization (SE0) 

1. Developed a full list of keywords to target 

2. Cleaned up on-page SEO

3. Refreshed their website copy to include the right keywords, strategically place the right call-to-action buttons. The tone remained clinically professional while I added a more personable tone to it.

Long-Term Content Strategy

They mostly utilized their blog for recipes which I viewed as a mediocre way to create content that their audience could organically find.
I noticed a lot of opportunities to develop a more cohesive and creative strategy.

I went with content strategy that both allowed them to continue to write recipe blogs plus educational and valuable Traditional Chinese Medicine blogs. 


We then implemented two strategies for conversions:

1. Education lead magnet based on their proprietary skill, Medical Pulse Diagnosis™. This was a helpful marketing strategy to use for anyone that wasn’t quite ready to book an appointment but still wanted to learn from them.

2. One simple form for new patients to book online.  Because of their legacy medical software, we couldn’t find the right online booking system but that didn’t stop us from changing a few forms.


After seeing a few conversions of people booking online appointments, the team at the Acupuncture & Wellness Center noticed that patients were confused about what to expect during the first visit since they didn’t speak to the receptionist over the phone to get the details. 

I developed a short email automation series providing educational and helpful content that patients could read on their own prior to arriving to the clinic.

The staff noticed less questions and confusion. 


“It’s refreshing to work on creative projects with someone who has clear thought, efficient strategies and the ability to put it into action quickly! Brenda is thoughtful in her work, articulate in her writing and organized in her production. She has absolutely been a benefit in bringing our company forward in the digital age of marketing.”


Chief Resident Acupuncturist

The Results and Impact

From 0 online appointment requests to 25 monthly appointment requests.

30 new people per month are now receiving Traditional Chinese Medicine and on their journey to health and healing.

Plus, a steady 17-20 monthly email leads that are not ready to book an appointment but perhaps after building trust and likability with the business, they’ll be ready to soon. 

Lastly, by updating their on-page SEO and creating a cohesive blog content strategy, we increased website views by 60.23% in just 6-months.

Selected Samples

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