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Yellow Bird Collective  


Healing through nature 

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Messaging Framework


Gladys and Esi reached out looking for a particular embodiment to their new venture. They are both BIPOC women working in the tech industry — they know the overwhelm and burnout women face in tech. They were looking to set the foundational aspects of their marketing to grow mindfully and intentionally. 



  • Develop the details of their ideal client 
  • Create their brand identity to attract the right audience 
  • Develop brand tone and archetypes to use in messaging for future content including website and social media. 

The Process

Roadmapping Session

The Yellow Collective had several documents detailing business and marketing ideas. They needed a strategist to synthesize everything into a clear story. After reviewing all of their documents, we launched our first session for me to attentively listen for keywords, themes, and goals. We start off the session with a guided meditation to not only get grounded but to also envision their ideal client.

Afterwards we went through a series of creative questions to start developing brand archetypes and tone.   

Research, Intuition, and Crafting the Brand 

The next step was for me to synthesize and create the story starting with Anabelle-Karima, their ideal client. At the heart of it Anabelle-Karima is a beautiful BIPOC women working in tech or the medical field that is tired of the BS.  She’s anxious, burnout and seeking guidance. 

With this in mind, it’s much easier to develop their Brand Identify (Vision, Mission, Promises etc.). Most important their value proposition which will help differentiate them in the market. 

We support BIPOC women in tech to embrace their intuitive flow through nature retreats and community experiences that fulfill their hearts and make way for a more sustainable and fulfilling life.

Part of my process is not only to read my copious notes from the first session, listen to their feedback along with thinking of their unique positioning but also get out of my own head and use my intuition. 

Messaging Framework

Lastly, the Messaging Framework provides a logical structure to their brand identity and tone, aspects of marketing that can often be elusive. This was a crucial step for Yellow Bird Collective to walk away with and really answer the question, why do we exist?  

Selected Samples

Strategies that Make Sense for Purpose-Driven Businesses.