Content Marketing Strategy: 30-60-90 Day Template


This Google Excel Sheet will transform your simple brainstorm ideas into a weekly 30-60-90 day strategy. These are the exact templates I use with my clients.

You will be granted accesss to Content Marketing Strategy & Planning — Templates.


Take the guesswork out of content planning. You'll no longer be spinning your wheels on how to add structure to your content. This is a 9 tab Google Excel Sheet where you answer a few questions, and it'll automatically show you a 90-Day Content Calendar. I use these exact templates with all my clients, it makes my life easier as a marketer and it shows them structure and ease to their content plan. Get yours today!

You'll receive

  • [1] Marketing Meditation: Quiet the mind and the marketing will speak.
  • [1] 9-tab Google Excel Sheet taking you from brainstorming to a monthly view
  • BONUS! Marketing Definitions. Marketing has a lot of jargon and lingo, use this quick reference guide to start getting familiar.