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Group coaching program to move your business and self forward!


A marketing-focused mastermind for solopreneurs, wellness practitioners, or coaches seeking authentic business and marketing support.

If you’re looking to create real change in the world…


Then perhaps you’re working alone. And at this point, you’re already trying to ‘market’ your services.

But here’s what you might not know: it often feels and looks like you’re doing marketing but you’re actually not.

Marketing is one of those skills that it looks “easy” to do. You put up a website, create a social media account, maybe send a few emails and call it marketing right? 🛑

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing approach. Because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all business.

Plus, you as the owner of this vision aren’t like everyone else. How does your approach, your voice, your vision, and the people you want to serve fit into the equation? Meaning, how do you fit into the market? How will you differentiate yourself?

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”

Alexandra K. Trenfor

If you are a mission-driven business and running the show as a solopreneur, teacher, practioner or coach and…

  • Not fully enjoying certain aspects of marketing
  • Have tons of cool ideas for a new business, project, or just something creative but are unsure where to begin — so perhaps you don’t.
  • Have not fully grasped the connection between certain business goals, marketing strategy, or posting on social media
  • Feeling like you’re a social media manager — all of sudden — when really you just want to work on your craft
  • Have no problem coming up with content, posts, or projects but often feel like you have no idea what you’re doing as far as big picture strategy
  • You’re moving in the direction of fully aligned and fulfilled but not really seeing “results” from all your marketing efforts
  • Have been working solo for a while and want to be encouraged and cheered on by sharing your ideas in a space space not only with a marketer but a group of like-minded peers!

Get Started with Mindful Content Marketing 

A live cohort-based group coaching program with like-minded business owners.

I believe this is the best marketing course because Brenda is very patient, she’s authentic, and wants everyone to succeed. The strategies were very personal and resourceful.


Founder of Soul Family Yoga, Spring Cohort 2021

A Unique Program with Moments of Flow and Structure

Hi, I’m Brenda!

I’ve taken everything I learned in the past 9 years. With a Business Management degree from UC Santa Cruz and Masters of Public Health from Columbia University plus way over 500 hours studying and teaching yoga and meditation — I know how challenging it is to find the right path, let alone the right strategies. Plus how isolating it can feel to keep going in your business!

I have successfully run my own marketing consulting and marketing coaching business, OM Marketing, and created a business model that still allows me to teach yoga+meditation. I’ve led 4 international retreats and have supported many wellness entrepreneurs on their business journey as well.

My background in tech and startups gives me the perfect combination to guide you. My first website I created from scratch and it was voted as one of the Top 10 Greatest Yoga Teachers websites, and while it’s gone through several renditions since then, I’m quick to learn and can’t wait to share it all with you.

You’ll learn practical business and marketing skills with other like-minded people PLUS I weave in mindfulness, intention, and intuition into these sessions.

The Mindful Marketing Mastermind was just what I needed to uplevel my website and hone in on my target audience. Marketing can often feel like a never ending to do list, however Brenda makes it feel more easeful, enjoyable and actionable! I definitely recommend! 


Founder of The Wildflower Kitchen, Spring 2021 Cohort

3 Things You Can Expect…

#1 Being a conscious business owner can be pretty isolating. It’s demanding on your life and requires a lot of mental focus. You’ll use this mindful Mastermind and new tools to steer yourself in the right direction.

#2 You will receive tons of encouragement and support in a co-collaborative group while doing your own self-reflecting. You do not need to rely on DIY or downloading another free guide.

#2 You won’t experience these marketing strategies in a vacuum. You’ll actually apply it to your business or project in real-time and see what works and what doesn’t over the course of 4-months.

Transformation with  Action + Effort  + Ease + Rest

Many masterminds or group coaching programs are broad or don’t speak to the conscious business owner. We’re doing things differently here! 

Without a concrete marketing and sales strategy, it’s hard to grow out of the “hobby” or “side-gig” mindset. In this mastermind, I want to not only individualize your strategy, but create real goals and action items to ensure you’re growing in the right direction you need right now.

Intuitive Marketing Training

 Join live and/or continue to watch the replay. 15 Sessions over 4-months, see the General Outline below.

Collective Collaboration

You’ll join a small cohort of 6-10 like-minded people. We each come with unique business and marketing questions but we’ll all learn and benefit from each other.

1:1 Coaching

Get the clarity you need if you’re feeling stuck. So much gets unpacked in these short 30-minute check-ins. Often times we are met with resistance whether mental or technical and we just need some way to release it.

Moments of Rest with Guest Practitioners

Strategy and action need moments of rest too. Learn how essential this is to continue the longevity of your vision. 

Personal Portal + Library of Resources

All of our recordings are available inside Podia. You can also find homepage templates, about page templates, on-page SEO clean-up templates, meditation recordings, and more.

 Community Hub

Let’s get back into that mindset of sharing and show-and-tell. Keep your momentum going in the OMM Community Hub. This is the mastermind community you’ve been wanting.

According to Business Insider, 30% of founders report dealing with depression, and more than 50% of those get to burnout.

What You’ll Learn

Beyond Marketing Trends

These are the four elements that are most often overlooked by solopreneurs, teachers, and coaches.

For 4-months we’ll meet roughly twice a month for 75 minutes.

Vision | Business and Branding

Session 1: Business + Life Vision and Intention Setting

Without a map, we have no idea where we’re going. We can still go places though. Similar without a vision, we have no idea where to go. Creating a purposeful vision — whether it’s business or life — gives you a better idea of where you want to focus on. 

Session 2: Brand Identity Workshop + Client Story with Soul

This is the step I most often see skipped. To be honest, it’s easy to put together a website, it’s easy to start creating content but putting thought into what sets your business apart and why and how — it takes a bit of strategy. I’ll provide my signature workshop on how to begin to nail this down. Not for perfection or end-all-be-all brand but for clarity. Clarity is kind.

Session 3: Soulful Client Stories Mastermind + The art of storytelling

Allow your client to come to life. So often we hear of “target audience” and “ideal client” in the marketing world as this figure that makes X amount of money and has XYZ occupation. But what does their soul say. What do they feel. Let’s get to that.

Session 4: Rest. New Moon Guided Yoga Nidra Session with sankalpa (intention) setting

This will be timed around the New Moon. The New Moon is a great time to set intentions and to rest and restore.

Session 5: Business Model, Business Goals, and the Art of Pricing Your Offerings

How to tie your revenue to your marketing and assess whether your efforts are working. We want to THRIVE! And while we create our purpose-driven work, let’s ensure our Business Model makes sense.

Your Uniqueness | Website & Optimized Copywriting

Session 6: Optimize Your Copy (the words you use to communicate with people digitally). Personalized website review and editing

Let’s be strategic with the words we use. Received personalized feedback from me and your peers on your website, future website or any other content (website not required though).

Session 7: Relaunch Your Website with New Copy Mastermind

At this point, we’ve updated brand identity, website copy, and started email marketing.

Session 8: Rest. Guided Session by guest healing practitioner

This session will take place around the New Moon with a guest practitioner to support our visions.

BONUS: What are SEO keywords and how to implement it.

Search Engine Optimization is huge. It. can be very technical but it’s very much in your reach. We can learn a few tricks of the trade to start thinking like a marketer.

Why email marketing is important and how to create authentic “lead magnets”

Session 9: Email Marketing Development. Lead Magnets and/or Initial Service Offerings

What is email marketing? And how will you use it to support your growth. Not as a burden for something else to do, but as a way to communicate with intention.

Session 10: Integrate New Lead Magnet Mastermind

At this point, we’ve updated brand idenity, website copy, and started email marketing. This session we’ll Mastermind together — what do YOU do once someone is on your email list? We’ll breakdown marketing best-practices and what just intuitive feels right.

Session 11: Rest. Guided Session by guest healing practitioner

This session will take place around the New Moon with a guest practitioner to support our visions.

Create | Content Strategy and more

Session 12: Developing 30-60-90 Day Content Strategy.

Content is more than creating blogs or a few social posts. Content creation is also not new and there are tried-tested methods to use that don’t require following trends or “you should _____ everyday (post, email, write blogs)”

Session 13: Marketing versus the art of Selling

There’s often a reason why these are separate teams in bigger businesses. They often involve different strategies and while it’s necessary for them to overlap we need a slight shift in perspective. When we’re working alone or as a solopreneur we’re doing it all, right? So knowing when you’re “marketing” and when you’re “selling” may give you more clarity as to when you need to do what.

Session 14: Closing Ceremony + Sharing you Content Strategy + What's next?

And the Spiral continues. But what’s next for you? We’ll talk about how to keep going and whether or not you should venture in ads (the #1 question I always get asked. My answer: Most businesses aren’t ready to do ads.)


I want you to feel supported. I know this is an investment of your time and money and I completely appreciate your trust in me. But I don’t want you to walk away resentful or feeling like it didn’t hit what you wanted.

After 30-days of signing up, if you do not feel that this Mastermind was of value to you, please reach out to me and I will refund your monetary investment.

The mindful marketing mastermind helped me completely redo my website with my ideal client in mind. I loved the way I could focus on the energetics of magnetizing while also balancing practical tools offered in this course like SEO and content strategies. 

Energy Practitioner

Spring 2021 Cohort

How Do You Get Started?

We’re in the process of completing our previous cohort. Join the waitlist and be the first to apply. 

“The Mindful Marketing Mastermind” is for you if…


  • You are on a mission to create real change in the world.


  • You are a yoga teacher or healing practitioner looking to set yourself up as a business and have a business owner mindset.


  • You’re a marketer yourself and want to be in a Marketing Mastermind to learn a new perspective and with like-minded peers.


  • You are busy juggling the life of a business owner and/or practitioner and don’t have the bandwidth to try to look for all this digital marketing material from scratch.


  • You are willing to learn something new in order to continue the longevity of your vision.


  • You realize that the world is changing and your ability to be grounded, agile, and mindful is SO needed right now as you build your empire.


  • You believe in doing the internal work, in order to make the world a better place.


If you said yes to at least 4 of these then you are ready for this mastermind!


Not sure if this Mastermind is for you? Or are you new to content marketing?

How do you know if you’re marketing your content in the right way AND with the right mindset?

Join the 7-day content course to learn — not only what your preferred method of content marketing but how to set yourself up for success with mindful marketing.