Favorite Biz & Marketing Tools

Favorite Biz & Marketing Tools


These are tools that I continually use and tell my clients about them too. Check them out.

Disclaimer: Those with an asterik contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Your support is appreciated in this way. We actually use these tools and find them genuinely helpful! 

Email Marketing


ConverKit is the ultimate creator and small-business owner email marketing platform. Why? Because it makes automations, nurture sequences, and personalization very user-friendly. With the right set up, you can start growing your email list and automating email today. Try their free version (free version doesn’t have automation) or try a 14-day trial of ConvertKit’s Creator plan (which is what I have). 


90% of our clients use Mailchimp and with their newest addition, Mailchimp & Co, it makes it even easier on our end to manage email marketing for our clients without having to deal with login and passwords. Regardless, Mailchimp has one of the most robust email marketing systems for small-business owners with plenty of access with the free account. Because they are such a big company, they are continually adding to their platform. For example, they have a new “Creative Assistant” that generate banners and graphics for you! Pretty neat. This isn’t an affiliate link but if we do work with your email marketing, you can use this link.   


Zapier is better than amazing! While not exclusive to email marketing, we’ve used it a bunch to create workflows between two separate platform. For example, you have a payment system like Paypal and you’ve been manually adding the emails to Mailchimp. Why would you do that manually? Which means you’ll probably forget to do it. Zapier can actually do that for you with just a few simple clicks. No code. All automated. Seriously, a life and time savor.  


Do you love to write? Are you into creating you own podcast and growing your subscribers based on your craft? We love Substack for this. It provides a very straightforward way to newsletters and even getting paid for them. Different than something like Convertkit and Mailchimp, in that it’s meant for continual writing and not automations, lead magnets, acquisition strategy (all those funny terms for marketing techniques). Check out Brenda’s Substack at, The Contentment Corner.  

Business Development

Wave Apps

No trials, no monthly plans & no credit card required for this accounting and invoice platform. We use this to invoice clients, automate recurring invoices, and before we had bookkeepers, we used this. 

Novo.co Business Banking*

You do not need to have an LLC or a Corporation to open up a business bank account. Did you know that? The default for any business is sole-proprietor, so even if you’re just starting out — open up a bank account (Novo is amazing for this) and separate the income from what you make on your own versus what you make earning from an employer (before OM Marketing was an LLC, we were just running our business as a sole prop). We both get $40 when you open and fund a Novo account with this link. 


Running a website has many facets outside of just having a website. SiteGround is a web hosting company and where we host all of our WordPress websites since 2018. They are so increbility helpful especially since sometimes I don’t understand all the details around web hosting, domain, servers etc. Check them out.   


There is a science and an art to how effective an email conversation can go. I find it incredibly annoying when 5 back-and-forth emails about “what time works on your end” can be condense with “pick a time and it’ll create a Zoom Link and calendar invite for us.” That’s MixMax. Love it and use it daily.  

Content Marketing 


Canva is a free-to-use graphic design tool. It makes it so easy to design just about anything! From social media posts, flyers, headers, and booklets. Game-changer. If you haven’t used it, you are totally mising out!


Video messaging. You know when you feel like your email just keeps getting longer but it’s not quite getting the point across? Send a loom video. Need to do a video tutorial with how to do or use something? Loom video! 


First, make sure you’re looking at WordPress.org (not wordpress.com). This website is built on WordPress with Divi builder. If you have the right setup, the possibilities with WordPress are endless! Not to mention better for searchability too. 

Divi Builder

Speaking of Divi, with WordPress — it allows you to make updates and changes to your website visually and on your own. I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve used other builders in the past including Elementro and Avada but Divi is definitely much more user-friendly.


Miro is like a digital white board, sticky notes, flow charts, and note taker mixed into one. When I’m collaborating with a client or a team, I love using Miro to visually show what we’re brainstorming.

Insight Timer

I’ve put this under content for two reasons: one, if you’re a practitioner that teaches meditation you can easily create content for Insight Timer. Follow my account here. Second, if you’re a business owner and need a few moments to pause between meetings, or before creating content marketing, use the meditations on here to center yourself.

Productivity & Organization 

Bullet Journal

I absolutely LOVE bullet journaling and the concept of how to use this productivity method. It feels like a mix of life + work reflections and to-dos. You can use any journal but there is also a company, Bullet Journal, that designs them. It looks like they offer courses and a community which I haven’t done but you can learn a lot on YouTube.

Google Calendar

Without Google Calendar, I would be completely lost in my day. I have several email accounts since some clients require me to use their domain. Which means a lot of different calendars and meetings to track — more than I want to admit. My method is I bring everything into one centralized calendar and that’s usually my personal Google account. I also block off time to complete a task or time to focus on one specific client.


A great tool to use for free discovery calls, follow-ups, signing up and paying for an offerings. I love that you can grow with Calendly and can use their free version for a while. Once I out grew that, I more than happily paid for an upgrade.