If you’re tired of telling people to “sign up now” or “buy now” perhaps it’s time to learn something new. I view marketing as a form of communication — where communication is happening between you and your clients/community. If you’re looking to, 

  • Relieve the pressure of doing all the marketing “things”
  • Gain clarity around effective marketing
  • Differentiate yourself in the market
  • Plus, freedom to be authentic

Mindful Marketing Coaching is a 1:1 service with Brenda, founder of OM Marketing, fusing coaching, envisioning, strategy and mindset.  She’s the business mentor you’ve been looking for. 

If you replied yes to any of those, then this is perfect for you. 

a 9-month coaching incubator 

Don’t worry…

  • I’m not going to tell you to start selling teas on your Instagramᅠ
  • You won’t have to post handstands or flashy photos if you don’t want to and,
  • You don’t need to be “good at tech”ᅠ

But maybe you’ll…

  • Get all your ideas organizedᅠ
  • Create that retreat/offering/program you’ve been thinking of forever
  • Learn how much to charge for something and,
  • Get insight into how businesses run their marketing campaigns and apply what is most useful to your solo-business

here’s what happened when sharon said yes…


The Start

No idea where to start

“I’m not doing anything. I have no idea where to start, the overwhelm and fear are keeping me in a state of inertia.”

Lack of clarity

“I need a website.

I rarely post on social media.”

Life changes

“I’ve recently had some life changes. I’ve come to realize that it’s time for me to become the responsible, independent, successful, strong businesswoman that I know I can be.”

Guiding the journey for Sharon to find her “why”

Sharon completed the coaching program with these goals in mind

  • Learn how to create and manage her website (did not feel tech-savvy)
  • Teach her the marketing skills in writing website copy that feels authentic & differentiates her from other yoga teachers
  • Create a business mindset

Her why

“I could not have even begun the process without this program. I’m so proud of the website that I created. It’s beautiful. 

As we worked together, you guided me through a journey of leading questions to help me put my “why” into words. As Simon Sinek says, “the success is in the why.”

People know what I’m doing — teaching yoga. But why am I teaching yoga? I’m teaching yoga because I want to share with others the tools I’ve learned that have helped me to manage my anxiety and hypersensitive nature through the 8-limbed path of yoga.

With your help, I could put my “why” into words — on my website, on social, and in community.”  

Sharon Mandel

500-hr Registered Yoga Teacher, Mindful Movement, Breathwork, Meditation Mental Health Advocate, sharonmandel.com

OMM’s 4-Part Signature Process

I want you to start thinking like a business owner and teach you authentic marketing. 

Gain Clarity

Have you thought about

  • Your business model?
  • How much you’re charging?
  • If you’re creating a sustainable career and business?
  • What are your streams of income?


Differentiate yourself in the market

How do you fit into the market?

What is going to differentiate you?

Imagine walking into a grocery store, how many cereals do you see? And, why did you pick the one you did? Now apply that same concept to your business idea.

Refine messaging to better connect with your audience

Have you seen but gotten confused by

  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing 
  • Social media

There’s a lot of lingo in marketing. Let’s demystify it.

Crafting Content and Website Edits 

You can make meaningful yet impactful tweaks to your website with

  • Small adjustments to layout
  • Writing better website copy
  • Consider search-engine-optimization (SEO)
  • Use words and phrases that feel authentic to you 


You’ll have a true mentor and anchor by your side. You’ll have access to meaningful reflections, breath work, meditations, journaling, and my years of experience as an educator.  


Past coaching clients. From teachers, spiritual guides, healers, and beyond — you are fully seen and supported here! 


Choose Your payment Stage

I really devote my time to you. I only take on a 1-2 coaching clients at a time. My next opening is in April! 


Option 1:

12 Payments of $252

This is a good option if:


  • You’re seeing business revenue but not consistently,

  • You’re supported by a part-time job or, 

  • You prefer smaller payments.

Option 2:

3 Payments of $1008

This is a good option if:

  • You’re starting to see revenue in your business,

  • You have the means to invest in your business or, 

  • You can write this off as marketing and advertising expenses on your business taxes.


Option 3:

One Payment of $2800

This is a good option if:

  • You’re able to invest upfront and prefer some savings,

  • You’re supported by a full-time job and/or have the means to invest in your business or, 

  • You can write this off as marketing and advertising expense on your business taxes.

How Do We Get Started?


I’m currently accepting applications to start for summer and fall 2023. To apply please fill out this form along with scheduling a call. This application and call will determine whether this is the route for you! You do not have to say yes or no at this time.  


Within our application, you’ll be promoted to schedule a call. This will give us both an opportunity to ask questions. We both don’t have to decide whether we’re moving forward with this program. You can take a day or two to decide. 


This is the part we’re all excited about! If after our call everything aligns and you resonate with our approach, we’ll start your personalized 6-month coaching program!!


“Brenda has both grounded me and challenged me in ways that makes me see my business in a whole new, amazing way.”

Brittany Marie Founder of Blithe Mitrals

“If you are looking for a person that helps you develop a consistent marketing plan, I would recommend Brenda 100%. She makes you accountable for your project and helps you empower and develop your ideas. We have been working together in the first stages of my project and I trust we’ll keep working together.”

Ana Founder of Mana Mama

“Brenda is very keen with what she does and how she connects with people. I loved the flow of each session and how we came up with ideas. If you ask Brenda for help with something, you can trust she will deliver!”


About Your Mentor.

Marketing and Spiritual Business Coach

Hi! I’m Brenda,

As an avid student and teacher of yoga and meditation mixed with a Business Management degree and Masters of Health Communications from Columbia University, I know how challenging it is to find the right path, let alone the right marketing strategies!

I’ve worked with health tech, startups, and social impact organizations on every aspect of their marketing, supporting their initiatives from the ground up for the past 8 years.

I also initially created my first yoga website from scratch and at the time it was voted as one of the Top 10 Greatest Yoga Teachers websites. My process is both intuitive and technical and at the heart of it all, I’m here to nudge you toward your own path. 

Often times we are our own roadblock in achieving the next phase of success. I’ll make sure to connect all the dots from start to finish so you can reach your intuitive business goals with ease.

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From Content Mind to Content Marketing

Are you content with your content marketing? Intentional communication starts with yourself – your mind.

Join this 7-day course to learn not only about your preferred method of content marketing but how to set your mindset to begin this process.