How can breathing bring clarity to your marketing strategy?

May 29, 2020 | Mindful Marketing

You’re searching for that perfect tech tool to bring clarity to your marketing strategy.

A quick Google search takes you to endless tools. Some for SEO, others for social media management, and email marketing services.

You keep scratching your head on how can you make this process easier.

But there’s one you keep overlooking. Or maybe you use it but not for your marketing strategy. It’s a powerful tech(nique) you use every day actually.


Your Breath

For centuries, the breath has been used to invite calm, clarity, and focus. The various ancient traditions of breath-work, like yoga and meditation, knew the connection between breath and success (define success in your own terms here).

The breath is the bridge between the physical and nonphysical. We can feel the breath move in our physical body. Like, when we take a deep breath you can see your rib cage expand, but we can’t actually see the breath. It can take you from the material world to the unknown metaphysical world.

The breath, in this context, is much more than providing oxygen to your body. Getting oxygen to our body is the baseline or foundation of what the breath can offer us. So, where else can the breath take you?


Intentional Breathing

When you move past day-to-day breathing or autonomic breathing, there are a plethora of techniques to play with!

I’m using this phrase “intentional breathing” as a way to describe all the techniques. In yoga, we call it pranayama. That term describes all the techniques of breathwork that fall outside of regular breathing.

For our purposes, let’s just stick with intentional breathing.

But we’re taking this way further than “breathe and stay calm.”

Erase what you know about that phrase “take a breath.”

Or someone saying “take a breather! Go for a walk around the block”

Not that those aren’t helpful tools and techniques to gain clarity. Think of the last time you were banging your head against the wall trying to figure something out.

You then step away from it or “take a breath.” You step back into it and figured out the mistake. Or whatever wasn’t making sense, it’s super clear now!

But using that type of intentional breathing would be keeping it at baseline. We’re trying to get some real insight here for your business!

Think of intentional breathing as a prescription for what you need.

Are you feeling agitated? Then you’ll need a calming breath.

Are you feeling sluggish? Then you’ll need an active breath.

Is your mind going in circles trying to figure out the best marketing strategy? Then you’ll need a focus style of breath.


If You Want to Succeed Start Breathing with Intention

What happens when you’re unrested, vague, and out of focus?

Most likely you can’t get anything done. You can’t see the big picture. You can’t create.

Personally, when I’m feeling unrested, wishy-washy, or agitated I know these are signs that something needs to change. I’m not resting well. I’m neglecting my practices. I’m not moving in the direction of my goals. Or I’m not in alignment with my intentions anymore. When I’m in that funky mind, there’s no getting me out of it unless I’m active about doing the opposite.

I’ll move toward my mindful practices and breathing techniques for support. Again, like a prescription.

Gaining the benefits of intentional breathing for yourself and your business will not happen overnight. This is a practice. And just like any practice out there you need to show up to the practice. It’s going to take time. But if there’s a glimmer of curiosity in you, know that there is scientific-data around this too.

Scientists describe this type of brain activity as Executive Function.

Executive Function is our ability to think clearly, manage our time, pay attention, remember all the details, and so forth.

And what do scientists recommend to enhance our executive function? BREATHING!


Find the right balance

If you’re feeling confused in your marketing strategy, of course, you’re going to find the right tools to support your growth. 

When you’re working on your purposeful business, there’s a balance between the right mindful practices and business strategies.

You don’t want to stay stuck in the clouds with your breathing techniques. You also don’t want to be stubborn in your current process if it’s no longer working for you. You want to respond to your business and marketing needs and not react. Reacting to your marketing strategy happens when you’re unrested, vague, and out of focus.

Your purposeful business and vision are already rooted in intention! Now it’s a matter of combining the strategies of business and mindfulness.

Your business needs a breath of fresh air too!