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OMM’s consulting package

For conscious brands that need that guidance to determine their business vision, brand voice, and what’s next!

Throughout the course of our plan, there’s flexibility to what our journey will be. Here are examples of deliverables and exchanges”

  • Deliverable: Development of ideal client story (see sample here)
  • Deliverable: Brand Identity Development
  • Deliverable: Basic SEO Keywords & Strategy
  • Consultant: Content and Website Audit
  • Consultant: Email Marketing and Automation

Perfect for: When you need guidance to start or continue a certain marketing tactic. 


  • 1 Day Intensives (book me for 8 hours) or,
  • 3-month minimum

Investment: This may vary. Starts at around $3,000. Some custom add-ons are available such as adding on Copywriting or Email set-up.

*Previous payment from the  Clarity Roadmap can be applied. 


mindful copywriting

What our clients say about OMM’s copy:

“Brenda really did her research and brought a lot of mindfulness to the copywriting that was very important to me. Her background of yoga and mindfulness really reflects in her writing. It’s her care and attention to details that make her unique.” — Shaundra, Founder of Tribu Spirit 

With over 10 years of experience as a mindful educator and practitioner (and of course marketing), let us write from our heart to your audience in:

  • Emails 
  • Website
  • Customer journeys
  • Lead magnets
  • SEO content



    We know what it takes to go from boring emails where only 20% of your list opens.

    How about taking it to 46% – 50% open rate?

    We know how to tell a good story with a click-worthy subject line and your list won’t feel like your constantly selling to them. We hate marketing emails too, so we make sure not to send that.

    • Ask us about our email packages.
    • Join and take a look at The Contentment Corner, Brenda’s email community.

    OMM’s signature EXTRA PACKAGE

    For conscious businesses and entrepreneurs where OMM is an extension of your marketing team or starting your marketing team. 

    • Starts after Roadmap Session 
    • Please have a Virtual Assistant or Implementation Coordinator (for additional fee we can find this for you)
    • Everything is OMM’s Consulting Package 
    • Marketing Planning, Market Research, Testing & Measuring, Original Content and Copy Development
    • Some website & tech support (WordPress, Squarespace, ConvertKit, Zapier)

    Perfect for: When you’re ready to start implementing a sustainable marketing plan. This is an example of integrating the entire process from Vision, to Strategy, to Content Management, and Execution. 

    Timing:  6 months minimum  

    Investment: Varies based on time, project scope starts at $25,000.*Previous payment from Roadmap is applied.

    OMM takes on a limited number of EXTRA clients per quarter. I am booked for the rest of the year. Please review coaching or consultant if you’d like to work this year.  

    slowing down your team

    Expand your marketing team’s creativity with mind-body awareness.

    With over 10 years of teaching experience as a mindful educator, I know first-hand the importance of slowing down, listening inward and how that translates to more creativity, productivity, and fulfillment in work.

    If your team is feeling burned out, lacking creativity, and need space and time to reconnect to themselves and each other — let me join your team to teach mindfulness, breathing, and collaborative brainstorming sessions intended to expand your next marketing campaigns.

    Contact us and we’ll schedule your team’s path to mindful marketing.     

    When requesting more information, Brenda takes you behind-the-scenes of your future client portal. This will also be a chance for us to explain how we’ll be taking care of your mindful marketing plan. It is highly recommended to start with the Deep Dive Clarity Roadmap because that gives both parties an opportunity to start on the same page. 

    THe Process


    The first step is for us to meet. We love working with those who are ready to change the world with their craft. By understanding how to have a holistic approach to marketing we’re able to help compassionate purposeful business owners, personal brands, and other changemakers.


    During this discovery, we start getting a deep understanding of who your community is. In other words, who your business is serving because if you’re speaking to everyone you’re really speaking to no one. We create the best signature plan for you through intuition, meditation, and market research.


    At the heart of marketing is storytelling. During this strategy, we’ll be able to plan the ways we’ll strategically keep telling your business’s story by implementing mindful steps and holistic practices. By fusing these tactics together, we’ll get to the core of what you’re doing next and how you’re going to do it


    Mindful marketing at OMM is seen like a spiral — a continuation of trying something out and looking at the results. Once we do that we keep repeating it but each time with a new perspective. For centuries the spiral has been known as the eternal sign of the Creative, dynamic growth, and metamorphosis. This is what inspires us most at each stage of your content creation.

    “Usually with business/marketing workshops I leave feeling overwhelmed with info and tasks and don’t really know what to do with it. But I loved your advice about doing less and being more intentional about it! I’m excited to experiment with this”


    Founder, The Wildflower Kitchen

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