Quiet the mind

And the marketing will speak

OMM’s signature 4-Part Process will meet your conscious business’s needs by providing you the essential marketing frameworks.  

Perfect for: When you’re ready to bring on a trusted mindful marketer to consult on you copywriting, messaging, brand identity, email marketing and content planning. 



We’re here to work with you and your team

Payment plans available for some services. Please ask us 🙂 

One-time Deep Dive roadmap session

For purpose-driven businesses or personal brands that need support in figuring out where to put their energy as far as business and marketing. 

  • Personalized OMM Workspace Portal

  • Intake Questionnaire 

  • Access to templates and preparation meditations 

  • 2-hour live session*


  • Roadmap Development: the best course of actions and deliberate plan to take based on where your business needs are for the next 6-12 months.


  • Bonus: Custom Audit & Review of Your Content and Website!

Perfect for: Solopreneurs, Business Owners, Freelancers, Early Stage Startups, Yoga Teachers, Businesses without a marketing team 

Initial Investment: $1050 (this can serve as a deposit for any other packages or services)

*Option to make this into a half-day or full-day experience with pricing adjusted accordingly


OMM’s 4-Part Signature process 

For conscious brands that need an extra pair of eyes to determine their business vision, brand voice, and how you fit into the market. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all business so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing approach.  

  • Starts after Roadmap Session 

  • Personalized OMM Workspace Portal

  • Part 1: Brand Identity Development 

  • Part 2: SEO Keywords and Market Research

  • Part 3: Optimize Website Copy  
  • Part 4: Email Marketing and Nurture Sequences 

Perfect for: When you’re not seeing results from what you currently think marketing is and ready to start a marketing plan. 

Timing:  Depending on need: Could be 1 Day Intensives or 3 months

Investment: Varies based on time, starts at $3,000*

*Previous payment from Roadmap is applied. 


OMM’s signature process extra

For conscious businesses and entrepreneurs where OMM is an extension of your marketing team or starting your marketing team. 

  • Starts after Roadmap Session 

  • Requirement of Virtual Assistant or Implementation Coordinator (for additional fee we can find this for you)

  • Everything is OMM’s 4-Part Signature Process (middle column)

  • Content Calendar Development including SEO blog content, social media channels, email marketing 

  • Website support, changes, or tech support (WordPress, Squarespace, ConvertKit etc)  

Perfect for: When you’re not seeing results from what you currently think marketing is and ready to start implementing a sustainable marketing plan. This is an example of integrating the entire process from Vision, to Strategy, to Content Management, and Execution. 

Timing:  Depending on need: Could 3- 6 months. Minimum 3 months. 

Investment: Varies based on time, starts at $10,000*

*Previous payment from Roadmap is applied. 

OMM takes on a limited number of EXTRA clients per quarter. We are currently booking for November 2022. The Roadmap session is required before starting in November. 

When requesting a free consult, Brenda takes you behind-the-scenes of your future client portal. This will also be a chance for us to explain how we’ll be taking care of your mindful marketing plan. It is highly recommended to start with the Deep Dive Clarity Roadmap because that gives both parties an opportunity to start on the same page. 

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Frequently asked questions

Can you add-on services?

To add on a service, you’ll need to first complete the Roadmap session. What we’ve noticed is that clients often think it’s social media, for example, that needs attention and is the problem, but it’s often something entirely different. The roadmap provides that clarity for both parties. 

In your OMM Portal, you’ll see a form with all available add-ons to choose from once the Roadmap is complete. 

What is the OMM Workspace Portal?

The OMM Workspace Portal is a portal where you or your team will have access through a personal login. In the portal, you’ll be able to see everything we work on in one place without needing to search for things like a Google Doc in an email or bookmarking an excel sheet to come back to.

What's a Content Strategy Session?

Content Strategy Sessions are 30-minute chats where we get into the specifics including project timelines, campaigns, launch ideas, and overall marketing goals. These sessions take place through Zoom for the chance to share screens. Please take note, there’s no pressure if you don’t want to have the video on during strategy sessions. We are aware of how real Zoom fatigue is and we want to be mindful that we’re not adding to that.


What's the cancellation policy? Or how long do we work together?

Great question! For the Roadmap session which is where most businesses start, we require a 24-hour cancellation otherwise the entire fee will be applied (with the ability to reschedule one more time, after a one-time reschedule, and if cancellation happens again, we will not offer our services at this time).


THe Process


The first step is for us to meet. We love working with those who are ready to change the world with their craft. By understanding how to have a holistic approach to marketing we’re able to help compassionate purposeful business owners, personal brands, and other changemakers.


During this discovery, we start getting a deep understanding of who your community is. In other words, who your business is serving because if you’re speaking to everyone you’re really speaking to no one. We create the best signature plan for you through intuition, meditation, and market research.


At the heart of marketing is storytelling. During this strategy, we’ll be able to plan the ways we’ll strategically keep telling your business’s story by implementing mindful steps and holistic practices. By fusing these tactics together, we’ll get to the core of what you’re doing next and how you’re going to do it


Mindful marketing at OMM is seen like a spiral — a continuation of trying something out and looking at the results. Once we do that we keep repeating it but each time with a new perspective. For centuries the spiral has been known as the eternal sign of the Creative, dynamic growth, and metamorphosis. This is what inspires us most at each stage of your content creation.

“Usually with business/marketing workshops I leave feeling overwhelmed with info and tasks and don’t really know what to do with it. But I loved your advice about doing less and being more intentional about it! I’m excited to experiment with this”


Founder, The Wildflower Kitchen

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