Communicate with Purpose. Grow with Heart.

While I’ve organized my portfolio into these marketing categories, my approach usually adopts a holistic and strategic perspective that ensures comprehensive business success.

Om Marketing

Grateful for what my clients appreciate.

Unlike most copywriters just churning out the same old marketing jargon.

“My eCommerce brand Tribu Spirit is super niche and not the easiest to grasp as we work with Indigenous Healing Plant Medicines from the Amazon. It has been a challenge to find a copywriter that really understands the brand. Until I worked with Brenda. 

Brenda really did her research and brought a lot of mindfulness to the copywriting which was very important to me. Her background in yoga and mindfulness really reflects in her writing. It’s her care and attention to detail that makes her unique. Unlike most copywriters just churning out the same old marketing jargon. I highly recommend working with Brenda to bring a very personalized thorough approach to your brand or project.”

— Shaundra Hyre, Founder, Tribu Spirit

Self-starter who uses deep research and data to justify decision-making

“Brenda is a kind, supportive, diligent, persistent, and self-starting co-worker who uses deep research and data to justify decision-making. She was instrumental in helping hOM to become recognized as a leader in the amenity space in the PropTech community. Brenda developed a digital and content marketing plan from scratch that included drip campaigns, regular broadcasts, developing a social media presence, utilizing digital marketing methods, building case studies, surveying customers to develop a value proposition, and getting us in front of press and conferences usually at a fraction of the price they originally offered due to her persuasive nature.”

— Ryan Freed, Social Impact Entrepreneur

She steps into situations with an open mind, great ideas and identifies opportunities for cross team collaboration.

“As the strategic marketing Advisor at Sanctuary, I brought Brenda on board to build foundational digital marketing tactics and process for content marketing flows and storytelling across social media, email and blog tactics. She was particularly skilled at landing the big ideas into effective marketing campaigns and worked responsively and efficiently to define and outline an integrated email nurturing strategy for customer engagement and business growth.”

— Roisin, Marketing Strategist, Board Member & Advisor

Clear Thought & Efficient Strategies

“It’s refreshing to work on creative projects with someone who has clear thought, efficient strategies, and the ability to put it into action quickly! Brenda is thoughtful in her work, articulate in her writing, and organized in her production. She has absolutely been a benefit in bringing our company forward in the digital age of marketing.” 

— Kyleen, Founder & Clinician 

Her meditation practice truly comes through in her work

“Brenda’s professionalism in wellness, her education background, and meditation practice truly come through in her work.”

— Mindfulness Startup Founder

Highly Recommend

“Brenda did an excellent job of marketing for our company. We highly recommend her services.”

— Bob Doane, Founder of eLearning Membership 

Brenda’s organizational skills were evident in her ability to manage a database & campaigns to generate and qualify new sales leads.

Brenda excelled at creating and managing a marketing content calendar for social media, blogs, and newsletters which contributed greatly to the inbound marketing efforts within the Sales and Marketing team. Throughout her employment, she grew in her leadership, taking on self-managed projects, such as client surveys, and presenting valuable data to the company and to our clients. Brenda’s organizational skills were evident in her ability to manage a database and subsequent campaigns to generate and qualify new sales leads. In addition to maintaining client relationships, Brenda also nurtured relationships with media personnel and industry experts to assist in spreading the awareness of our brand on a national scale.

— Lilli Markle, Director of Business Development

Better Understand How to Use Marketing in my Line of Work

“I was able to understand how to create a business strategy in line with work. I learned how to better speak to my audience, organize my content, my messaging, and more. She was so understanding and supportive every step of the way. The resources and support were beyond what I expected and very helpful. Thank you!”

— Mary Ann, Founder of The Ignited Soul


“Whatever Brenda did for marketing and business retention has been so successful!”

— Seattle-Based Yoga Studio


Washington Women in Need