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We love working alongside businesses and brands making a difference in people’s lives. Here’s a few of our favorite stories. 

Om Marketing

Digital Done (Well)ness

Acupuncture & Wellness Center  | Program: SEO, Email Marketing, Content Strategy Monthly Support

One of the largest privately-owned acupuncture clinics, the Acupuncture & Wellness Center is located in Poulsbo, WA. Its services are popular amongst the Kitsap Community but also recognized internationally with longtime patients traveling back to visit.

Where They Started

The Acupuncture & Wellness Center was already very successful with in-person events and marketing. While it had an online presence they weren’t receiving any new patients online.

Knowing that most people do everything online now, we started with an audit of what exactly was going on.

They mostly utilized their blog for recipes which I viewed as a mediocre way to create content that their audience could organically find.

I noticed a lot of opportunities to develop a more cohesive and creative strategy.

Where We Went

We started with the website: 

* Developed a full list of keywords to target 

* Cleaned up on-page SEO

* Refreshed their website copy to include the right keywords but also to feel more personable while staying clinically professional.

Afterwards, developed a new long-term content strategy — one that kept their desire to write recipe blogs plus educational and valuable acupuncture and wellness blogs.

We then implemented a system that made it easy for new patients to book online. Because of their legacy medical software, we couldn’t find the right online booking system but that didn’t stop us from changing a few forms.

Lastly, we developed an effective email marketing lead magnet based on their proprietary skill, Medical Pulse Diagnosis™. This was a helpful marketing strategy to use for anyone that wasn’t quite ready to book an appointment but still wanted to learn from them.


From 0 online appointment requests to 30 monthly appointment requests. 

30 new people per month are now receiving Traditional Chinese Medicine and on their journey to health and healing.

Plus, a steady 17-20 monthly email leads that are not ready to book an appointment but perhaps after building trust and likability with the business, they’ll be ready to soon. This short email automation series not only provided educational and helpful content that they can read on their own but it also provided information about what to expect during each visit to ease any concerns.

Lastly, by updating their on-page SEO and creating a cohesive blog content strategy, we increased website views by 60.23% in just 6-months.  


“It’s refreshing to work on creative projects with someone who has clear thought, efficient strategies and the ability to put it into action quickly! Brenda is thoughtful in her work, articulate in her writing and organized in her production. She has absolutely been a benefit in bringing our company forward in the digital age of marketing.”


Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Acupuncturist

From Clear to Crystal Clear

Alive to Enjoy | Program: Three Month Private Coaching 

Fostering deep meaningful relationships and bringing people together to dive inward and to laugh, Alive to Enjoy is like a warm cuddle for the soul. Founder Lexy Davis is on a mission to lift the world’s love vibration to improve mental wellness, and nurture mother earth as a collective with 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, mindful workshops and playful yoga classes.

Where They Started

Lexy had a lot of her business already developed. She had been running her business on and off for about 2 years at this point but something wasn’t feeling right.

While she felt clear in the love and support she was offering to the Alive to Enjoy community, she didn’t feel like there was a foundation for her business and marketing to fall back on.

I remember during our first discovery call Lexy says, “My brother doesn’t know what to tell his friends and colleagues about what exactly I do. I want it to be crystal clear for myself and everyone else.”


Where We Went

We started with a foundational brand and business awakening. We walked through my signature brand questionnaire to get clear on copy, messaging, and “meeting” her ideal client. To round it out, we used Carl Jung’s archetype wheel to further develop cohesion and presence or brand guide rails, so to speak. 

With more clarity around messaging, it was now much easier for Lexy to clean up her website copy, think of her business model and revenue streams, plus a quick keyword strategy to implement into the backend of her Wix website. 

Towards the end of the three month program, we talked about other ways to support her content creation process without disrupting what she loves to do — videos, interactive content, and spreading love!


Not only a redesigned website with clear intention and strategy but foundational business and marketing elements that support the longevity of business growth

While co-creating these three months with Lexy, throughout all our conversations and even in pulling up the brand archetypes I could feel Lexy’s playfulness and I really wanted that to come through in her copy.

Even adding something as simple as, “playful yoga classes ” rather than “yoga classes” tells another story to her potential clients. She is now able to differentiate herself from the market — something that her personality was already doing and now it’s just being more intentional about it. 

Implementing a simple SEO strategy moved her domain score from 0 to 3. Nothing earth-shattering but starts to move her digital business in the right direction to be found more easily. 

Evolving with Intention

Mana Mama | Program: Accountability Marketing

Mana Mama is on a mission to revolutionize the motherhood journey. Fostering meaningful conversations with mothers, expecting mothers, women that are only thinking of motherhood and practitioners that support mothers. Founder Ana Stutesman is passionate about empowering women to take care of themselves first.

Where They Started

When Ana and I first started our partnership, she had a seedling of an idea, a lot of passion, drive, and ready to take on wellness marketing. Unclear where to start, a logo that needed some updating, and a former blog where she wrote about anything that was on her mind — we started Mana Mama marketing from scratch.

Where We Went

Knowing that her end vision at some point is a brick-and-mortar wellness spa for moms with self-care at the forefront including events, workshops, and wellness treatments for the entire motherhood journey, we started with her minimum viable services.    

While Ana was finishing up her life coaching certification, she put up a new website including temporary copy we developed, temporary stock photos, and potential services she could offer without a physical location.

As a way to start understanding the market, her business model and bring in early adopters, we talked about her content creation cycle (CCC). 

Ana developed a 12-week strategy that included interviews, video content, blog writing, and repurposing content for social media. 


By simultaneously doing market research with content creation, Ana discover new passions within Mana Mana and therefore evolved parts of her former ideas. 

With more real-life feedback, Ana is able to confidently re-identify her “why” for starting this passion project and better understand her business needs. 

During her 12-week content strategy she realized she loves doing research including the process of writing and interviewing while also learning about the areas she wants to differentiate herself from the market. 

Her work continues to evolve and accountability marketing keeps her consistent while each time learning something new within the marketing world. Marketing is huge! There’s always something to learn. 


“If you are looking for a person that helps you develop a consistent marketing plan, I would recommend Brenda 100%. She makes you accountable for your project and helps you empower and develop your ideas. We have been working together in the first stages of my project and I trust we’ll keep working together.”

Ana, Founder & Creator of Mana Mama

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