Consulting for Clarity

Like a ‘business therapist’ by your side.   

Whether you’re just starting out your business, looking to re-book after working together, or need a one-hour thoughtful brainstorming session to gain a new perspective for your business — Brenda is here for you!

Brenda provides strategic insight from years of experience as a marketer— both from running her own business and working in health-tech — as well as a mindful marketing coach to other wellness practitioners. Expect moments of mindfulness and ease from Brenda’s background and passion of teaching yoga and meditation. 


“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”

Alexandra K. Trenfor

one hour one session


Let’s make it happen together



Sometimes you just need a whole hour dedicated to you, your business, and your vision. Before we meet, Brenda will send you a few questions that can serve as conversation starters. During your session, you’ll walk the line between envisioning, resistance, and actionable steps to get you going.

You’ll have time to ask questions, and also learn something within the business and marketing world that you may not expect. Whether it’s a new tech piece or something insightful about your business.

Topic ideas covered in other sessions: 

  • I’m just starting my wellness business, where do I start?
  • Marketing 101
  • How do I start my solopreneur career?
  • Can we share our screen and you walk our team through email marketing set up?
  • Best-practices for email marketing
  • How can I diversify my income?
  • I’m stuck in one of the marketing stages (attract, engage, and charm).
  • How to do multiple things if I’m multi-passionate
  • I’m literally just stuck, what do you see in my business that I can’t see? 

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Brenda on my creative wellness business. I am completely new to the marketing world and have had some resistance to diving into this part of my business. Brenda made it so accessible and FUN to explore my options. She is incredibly intuitive and is a fantastic listener, making the experience specific to you. Brenda has a beautiful balance of connection to Spirit and grounded awareness. She holds a safe and holistic space for you to discover how you can expand your project or business! I am forever grateful.

Britt Dorazio

Multi-disciplinary Artist, Healer, and Facilitator

this consulting is perfect for you if

We’ve worked together in the past, either in coaching or Mastermind, and you need a new perspective on business and marketing.

You have an in-house assistant, business manager, or marketer and need some direction with marketing strategy.

Love what you’re creating but you want a business and marketing set of eyes to ease any doubt or fear in creating the next phase of your business.

Meet Brenda

Hey! I’m Brenda — Mindful Marketer, Coach, and Founder of OM Marketing. 

My way into mindful marketing involves a Business Management degree, a Masters of Public Health from Columbia University plus countless hours studying and teaching yoga and meditation. Even still I wasn’t always thinking of running my own business.

In 2017, I moved to Seattle from NYC and the wellness startup — where I was Head of Marketing and planned to work remotely for — decided not to move forward with those plans.

So, I was out looking for a job but unexpectedly I started freelancing while continuing to teach. I was driven to continue my path down marketing. It became natural for me to work with small to medium-sized businesses in the health and wellness industry. 

My growth was steady, and over time with each new client I noticed the need to not only be strategic and thoughtful in my offerings but many solopreneurs did not have the marketing skills I personally gained from working in health tech.

I use my experience in health startups, marketing agencies, and mindfulness to help purpose-driven businesses and personal brands create consistent, mindful, and authentic marketing either as a marketing strategist or as a marketing coach.

When I’m not working on mindful marketing, you can find me teaching, looking for a cute coffee shop, or daydreaming in the sunshine. 🙂


Are you a conscious brand, health startup, or personal brand unsure of which marketing tools are going to be the most effective to start growing your business?

Marketing is often different for conscious purpose-driven businesses. Try out these mindful marketing strategies to get started!