5 ways to use a “slow” summer to nurture your business

Jul 30, 2021 | Mindful Marketing

Summer can be a time for taking things easy. Many companies offer half-day Fridays. If you live in Europe you’re basically taking all of August off!

And well, if you work for yourself or run a startup — “taking it easy” in your business is often not a choice or it can be unsettling when things slow down.

But I’m here to share with you why it’s time to embrace taking it easy this summer and a few tips to put in place in your business to flourish in the Fall.

I have been blessed or cursed — depending on which day we talk — with things slowing down in July.

And while I’m often catching myself thinking “I should be working” or “be more productive!” sometimes I feed into that anxiety and other times it means to close the laptop at 12pm and fill up my cup.

Its given me time to reflect and also notice how much I may ruminate and worry about the status of my revenue! There are days when I freak out and I do believe it’s important, especially as business owners, to give yourself space to freak out.

Additionally, summer could be a good time to put in place foundational business and marketing systems into your business too. You know those things you keep putting off. Those tasks on your to-do list that never get done. 

Pour yourself your favorite cup of joy — for me, it’s coffee, iced tea, or matcha — and start putting these helpful tips in place.


#1 Clean up your on-page SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization)

You may be familiar with the term and if you have a website you may already do some stuff for this. I like to think of SEO in three parts: 

  • On-Page SEO involves optimizing each individual webpage on your site not only to rank higher in search engines but also for people to find your website! While yes it’s nice to rank higher, I often think more of the people I’m trying to serve “Can they find me?” “Is this even helpful for them?” Cleaning up your on-page SEO is pretty straightforward and a skill that most people can do themselves. Getting familiar with keywords and sprinkling them in not only public pages but the backend of your site as well.

  • Off-Page SEO is anything that happens outside of your website. And the reason I didn’t make it as part of #1 is that in a way it’s out of your control — kinda. Essentially you want other websites to link to your website, known as backlinking. Having a high backlink number tells search engines that you’re a credible website and not some random dark web thing. While there are several ways to get backlinks, one way is to continue to create helpful content on your website, people or companies will organically find you and then link to your site. You can also ask to be a guest blogger or write on behalf of your business on other sites. As a guest blogger, you can add a link to something relevant on your website. Perhaps it’s a blog post or your offerings page

  • Technical SEO is making sure all the tech stuff is buttoned up. Is your website secure with an SSL certificate? Look at the top of your URL, does it say http or https? Check to see what your website speed is. Ensure it’s mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.

This is a very quick explanation of it all. But I hope it’s helpful and you start to think if this is something you want to put in place.


#2 Reflect on your business vision

Summer could be a good time to reflect on your business vision and goals. We’re halfway done with a year and you can ask, have I been reaching my business goals? Am I moving in the direction that feels right for the business? Or are we off course?

When you’re in the day-to-day it’s hard to see, what needs to update or change. Allow your creativity to flow again! Maybe there’s a new service or product.


#3 Take care of your mental health

This is important year-round, and I believe for everyone.

Your mind is the powerful innovative tool that allowed you to create your business. And for me, I know that if I’m not feeling mentally and emotionally well, it reflects in my business and what I offer.

As humans, we do go through cycles and it’s not always going to be on the up and up. Allow yourself to have low moments or moments of confusion with the support of your mental health team. That could be a therapist, coach, or community groups. Areas where you get to process out loud and remind yourself that you’re not alone.


#4 Establish your personal goals

Spending time with personal goals are just as useful and productive for your business. If you hardly get the chance to reach your personal goals when you’re busy with business to-dos make it a point during the summer to read all the books you keep putting off or learn how to play the guitar. 

Summer can be the time to work towards goals in hobbies that have nothing to do with your industry or business. This will keep you creative and who knows — may spark some new ideas for your business!


#5 Develop your next three-month marketing strategy

And of course, take some time to think long-term! At OMM were all about creating from a place of thoughtfulness and intention.

Often times winging stuff is fun but it can be confusing whether your efforts are working or not. And creating some type of structure for marketing campaigns or business launches is important for that.

Remember that marketing is not selling. You may be asking your people every day through your various channels “buy now” or “sign up” and then wondering why no one is buying or signing up.

Marketing is the relationship building for them to finally understand or get why you’re saying “buy now.” Selling is a whole other story that often takes another strategy.

Take it easy

Whether you’re a conscious business, personal brand, or health startup — remember to take it easy at any moment.

Summer is such a playful time! Embrace what you’ve created and allow these tips to set you up for success in the Fall.


Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels