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Have you been wondering whether your conscious business or personal brand needs a copywriter, a social media manager, or an online business manager? 

Start with a mindful marketing strategist. 

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Marketing Coaching

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It can often feel and look like you’re marketing when you’re actually not. That’s because you may be missing one big piece: strategy. That’s where OMM can come in and support you with 1:1 mindful marketing coaching.

Content Strategy

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Done-for-you marketing strategy is for you and your team if you wish you had a marketing strategist working alongside you. Our Content Strategy includes SEO, email marketing, blog strategy, and more.

Marketing Courses

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Learn the art and skill of mindful marketing through practical tips and techniques on mindset and business. Coming Soon — SEO 101 Course!

The Spiral Hour

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Join the Spiral Hour — a free strategy roundtable for purposeful businesses and personal brands to talk about the vast world of marketing. That sometimes leaves us in a head spin. Join to empower yourself and move your business forward. We start again September 2021!

What OMM Does

We use heartfelt intention at the core of our marketing strategy. 

In an industry that feels like we need to create more — more content, more videos, more staged photos— we say less is better by adding more intention behind it. 

We view marketing as a tool to communicate, educate, and add value to people’s lives all while creating a more mindful and healthy community. Business revenue ends up being a by-product of being authentic and honest to your people. 

While we geek out about a well-thought-out inbound marketing strategy or crafting the right email marketing automation flow, we know that the times we are in urges for more compassion, presence, and mindful communication.


“It’s refreshing to work on creative projects with someone who has clear thought, efficient strategies and the ability to put it into action quickly! Brenda is thoughtful in her work, articulate in her writing and organized in her production. She has absolutely been a benefit in bringing our company forward in the digital age of marketing.”

Kyleen Lee

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupunturist

THe Process


The first step is for us to meet. We love working with compassionate purpose-driven business owners or personal brands ready to change the world with their craft and looking to understand a holistic approach to marketing. 


We start by getting a deep understanding of who your community is. In other words, who your business is serving. When we speak to everyone, we speak to no one. Using intuition, meditation, and market research — we get clear on who your community is so that we can create the best strategy for you.


What are you doing next? And how are you going to do it? At the heart of marketing is storytelling. Let’s plan on how we can continue to tell the business story more strategically while being mindful that we’re not adding more noise to your client’s or customer’s lives. You don’t need your business to be on every social channel if it doesn’t make sense strategically.


We see marketing  like the spiral — a continuation of trying something out, looking at the results. Then, repeating it but each time with a new perspective. For centuries the spiral has been known as the eternal sign of the Creative, dynamic growth, and metamorphosis. That inspires us at each stage of content creation.


Marketing is often different for health & wellness businesses.

Are you a conscious brand, health startup, or personal brand unsure of which marketing tools are going to be the most effective to grow your business?

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